F e r r a r i  512 TR

Kit: Revell Ferrari Testarossa 512TR, #2435

Pros: Nice subject, good rims, good mold quality, almost no flash, good decals, full engine and suspension details.

Cons: Parts fit! Since its basically the same original Testarossa kit with new body, it has some fit issues! Plus, some parts are carried over from the previous kit, and its totally incorrect for 512TR. Tires are very hard shiny vinyl pieces. Glass was heavily scratched in my example.

Verdict: If you really want to build a correct version of this car, get Rosso or Fujimi kit - do not waste your time with this one.

 Model Details

Interior is almost identical to the previous Revell Testarossa kit, which is incorrect. The only things that Revell changed were central tunnel, door panels, and a dash - everything else was left the same. I corrected some of the problems, added seatbelts and drilled pedals, and detail-painted the interior.

The chassis is exactly the same as in previous kit, with nice rivet details, and very good engraving. Front suspension is identical to the previous release, as well as rear one!

Body is also based on the previous mold, and although it looks right, it is not entirely correct. Running lights are slightly different shape, and front bumper is too flat. Otherwise the front end looks really good and has nice molded-in details.

The engine is also based on the Testarossa kit, with only difference being new exhausts, headers, cam covers, air intakes and air filter boxes. The engine is very nicely done, with good engraving and lots of detail. You can use some of the details from this kit to add to the Rosso, or Fujimi kits, if you will build a fully detailed version.

The wheels are done very good, and although front and rear wheels are different on the real car, kit includes same wheels for both front and rear. Revell re-done brakes to include brake rotors in this model. Side turn indicators are correct only for US model.

To add some more realism to the kit, I wired the engine and added minor details here and there, such as hoses and small wires. I also made shocks for the rear hatch from wire insulation and thin metal rod. As you can see from the picture - they look great and add tremendously to the appearance of the model.

It is a good kit, but all the inaccuracies are really disappointing. Its a good base for super detailed version though, and I have one of these kits to source parts for my upcoming buildup of Rosso 512TR. The kit was painted with Model Master Gloss Black enamel, and clearcoated with Future floor wax. Interior was painted with mixture of flat and gloss black enamels, and the rest of the car was also painted with Testors and Model Master enamel paints. With some work and additional details this one could be built into a correct replica, but I suggest getting above mentioned kits, and use this one a parts source. Oh, and 512TR looks absolutely stunning in black!


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