F e r r a r i  F40

Kit: Tamiya Ferrari F40, #24077

Pros: Correct body shape, very nice wheels and tires, great interior detail, outstanding engine detail, traditional Tamiya mold quality and packaging. Good engraving on all parts, easy to follow instructions and nice, thin decals.

Cons: Some fit problems, especially with the engine cover and side windows. Not entirely correct color guide, and slightly warped rear glass (in my kit). Some heavy mold lines on the chassis sub-frame, not very realistic-looking headlight assemblies.

Verdict: One of the best kits of the brutal F40 in 1/24 scale on the market. Great engine detail make it number one choice for super detailed project, but even built box-stock, it looks amazingly real and would make great shelf model.

 Model Details

This is the the picture of almost completed engine with installed rear brakes, exhaust, and rear suspension. Number of parts in the engine is high, and everything fits really well. The only thing that I added to the completed chassis were wires that represent door handles. The rest of the chassis was built box-stock. The only problem that I encountered during the assembly, is that the exhaust tips did not exactly fit into the opening in the rear bumper.
This is the picture of the engine before installing it to the chassis frame. Here you can see the air boxes, intercoolers, shocks, and the rest all assembled together - the engine alone is a work of art! And this is box-stock! This is the picture of the completed engine bay - it looks gorgeous! I recommend displaying this kit with the engine cover up - since it doesn't completely fit the body anyway! This could be corrected, but I already painted the body when I realized that.
Interior was assembled completely from the box, and painted according to the instructions. I haven't even heard about C/F decals at that time, so seat backs and other C/F panels were painted with mixture or yellow, green, and brown paints to simulate carbon fiber. There are plenty of room here to run all the wires and lines to the radiators, and I would definitely do that if I'm to build another Tamiya F40. C/F decals would also enhance the appearance of the engine bay, but paint doesn't look too bad either.

The body was painted with Testors Italian Red enamel, and the rest of the kit was painted and detailed with Tamiya acrylics and Testors enamels. This model built box-stock, nothing added. This is the perfect example of excellent model out of the box, and if you looking to build a model of F40 - Tamiya kit is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced modelers.


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