Red Line Ferrari 575 GTC (Presentation, Flat Black)

Red Line is known to model car collectors by their beautiful and affordable 1/43 hand-built models, and this 575 GTC is their first model in bigger, 1/24 scale. I was hesitant to get the model at first, but the price won me over - a little over $100 for a limited edition (500 pcs worldwide) model seemed like a bargain, you can't get a decent resin kit for this price anymore. I thought I could always re-build it anyway. The packaging of the model is superb - it comes mounted on a nice wood/aluminum plate, with acrylic cover, box, and a paper sleeve to protect the box. The model is screwed to the plate with 4 screws.



When the model showed up - it turned out to be a very decent one! Of course it is far from a carefully researched and built piece, but for the price - you can't really complain! Aluminum plate on the base says "575GTC". The paint is very nice and smooth (its flat, not gloss), model is assembled with care, and there are no visible glue marks or and other flaws. Detail is lacking, but there are few photoetched pieces here and there, and even several white metal parts.



You still can see some mold lines on injection-molded pieces, and some imperfections in finish on small parts, but that is all minor and does not detract from the overall look of the model. Wheels are nice, but tires are non-name (no sidewall detail). Chassis and suspension are non-existent, model is of course curbside. There are few details on the inside, including racing harness (with photoetched hardware), fire suppression system, roll cage, detailed and wired dashboard. The stance is right, and body shape looks correct to me. Most body opening are molded closed, but it is not very noticeable on a flat black model. Some mesh vents are replicated with disappointing clear plastic (with mesh printed on the clean sheet).



Overall, I think it is a very nice model for the price, and rare subject as well. Even with all the flaws, it displays well. Since it is built from the kit, it can be easily disassembled and detailed/re-finished into better model. If you are interested in the subject - you might want to track this one down.




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