Acu-STion 1/24 Ferrari Enzo Detail Set for Tamiya Kit

This detail set for the new Tamiya Enzo kit is most advanced from several available on the market. Its not cheap - Y23000 (about $185), and it is really hard to tell if it worth it. Some of the details provided in the set are terrific, and execution if flawless for the most part, but I think the price is not justified. Some parts of this set available as a separate sets though, so you can purchase just what you want.


This is the white metal engine, naturally cast after assembled Tamiya parts. I'm not sure why Acu-STion people did this, but here it is. The castings are rough, and will require fair amount of cleaning and polishing. I think that polished and washed engine block would look nice.



Then there is a bag with small details, such as calipers, pedals, and some underhood junk, also cast in white metal, and also after Tamiya parts. Again, they will need some cleanup, but otherwise are very nice. If you would buy separate sets, I wouldn't buy this one though.



Exhaust and separate manifolds are also white metal parts cast after assembled Tamiya items, and castings on these are very rough, major cleanup required, and I wouldn't suggest using these - what is the point?



Main photoetched fret is very good. It contains everything included in similar Studio 27 set, and more. All parts are very thin, and intricately engraved. Attaching points are very delicate, and the metal the set is made from sands very easily with fine sanding stick. Some of the parts are redundant though, like pedal and brake rotor faces, etc.



Next PE set is for brake rotors. This one made from much thicker metal than the previous fret, but with the same high level of engraving. Each rotor constructed from 6 separate parts, and should look very good when assembled.



Shock set is a work of art - machined 2-part shock absorbers with separate coils, and a small PE fret with all the brackets that hold the shocks together. You could make working suspension with this kit in no time!



Decal sheet provided for recreation of the show car too. Decals are very thin and nicely registered.



Turned polished steel exhaust tips are very nice.



There is also set that converts kit hubs into working hubs, with axles, working wheel knock-offs, and separate photoetched emblems for the wheels. You will have to re-work some of the kit's parts and drill the wheels for this conversion.



White metal cast reservoir caps with photoetched tops are a nice addition.



All instructions are printed in Japanese only, but seasoned modeler will be able to figure out hot to assemble the parts. There also several very helpful drawings.



Finally, there is a very nice metal plate with model name and all general characteristics of the real car. The plate is adhesive backed, and crisply printed in dark red. Very nice touch for your completed masterpiece.



Overall, it is very nice detail set, and every single part, except engine white metal castings, done very good. It will transform already excellent Tamiya Enzo kit into a breathtaking replica. Only if it was a little bit less expensive... Recommended to modelers who can afford it..... :-)




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