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Every person who builds model kits for a certain period of time starts to accumulate unbuilt kits. Its not really your intention, but you go to the hobby shop, or browse online hobby shelves, you see a kit that you like for the right price, and you buy it. Then you buy another, and another, hoping that someday you will have enough time to build them all. The truth is, almost every modeler buys more kits that he or she will ever be able to build. And that is how another hobby is born - model kitsí collecting.


Iím not a kit collector by any means. When I just started building models, I used to buy one kit at a time, and get next one only after my current project was completed. But then I realized that if you do not get this kit today, you might never see it on the shelves again, because some kits never get reissued. Even if you'll find it later, most likely, the price will be higher than it is right now.


Then I become interested in Ferrari models. I started collecting information about Ferrari kits in 1/24-25 scales, and compiling it into some sort of a list. Then I went looking for the kits in my list, and over the years, the list, and my collection of kits grew in size. I always kept my little database up to date, and currently there are close to 500 kits. Being a closet Ferrari nut, I own almost all of these kits, and I truly believe that every single kit must be built, and I'm slowly getting there! The absence of any information about 1/24 scale plastic Ferraris made me think of creating my own "Ferrari Kits Encyclopedia" and with help of several fellow modelers I finally compiled a database with short kit descriptions, which hopefully, will serve as a guide in the confusing world of 1/24 prancing ponies.


When you look through the following pages, keep in mind that this compilation is not 100% complete - I'm sure there are some kits out there that I never heard of and never seen. This list contains information about kits that were more or less available over the last 20 years. The list includes only 1/24-25 plastic and resin (multimedia) kits, and aftermarket accessories for these kits, there are no F1 kits. Other than that, every road and racing Ferrari kit known to me is included. The list is compiled in a chronological order, starting with early Ferraris and up to recent 599 GTB.  If you have any information about the kits that are not in the list, please, contact me, and I will update the database. 


Finally, I would like to ask you not to copy or distribute the list. I have spent more than 5 years compiling it and making sure the information on the list is accurate and current. In the future, I plan on making separate page for every kit in the database with detailed pictures of the kit contents, and possibly links to built-up models. Hope you find it useful.

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Last Updated: September 2007


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