This section of the website is devoted to "How To's" and tutorials about various techniques that I use to when working on my models.

There are also couple of tutorials about taking pictures and displaying your models. If you have an idea for a tutorial - email me.

Easy Way To Make Realistic Tires NEW!!!

Scuffing racing or road tires on your model for that realistic, worn look has never been easier! Follow this simple guide to make tires on your model look real!

Detailing Headliners in Road and Race Cars NEW!!!

Often neglected by model builders, headliner can make your model stand out from the crowd. Learn how to make headliners for different types of cars using various materials.

Build a Photo Booth for Under $20


This tutorial explains how to build a small photo booth for taking pictures of your models with simple materials for under $20.

Making Flexible Brake Ducts and Hoses NEW!!!

Looking for a flexible brake duct or hose for your latest project and can't find any? Make them yourself! An easy way to make hoses and ducts of any size, length, and color.

Detailing Models with Photoetched Parts: Basic Guide


Types of photoetched parts, what it is, how to work with them. Techniques and tips on using different photoetched parts to detail your models.

Preparing Kits for Paint - Primer Stage


Describes in detail different flaws that could be found on plastic and resin model kits, and ways to fix them for a smooth primer coat that is so important for perfect paint.

Build a Display Case for Under $15!


This tutorial explains how to build a great looking wall display case for 12-15 1/24 scale model cars with simple materials for under $15! Display your collection with class!

Making Realistic Fan/Drive Belts


Enhance your engines' fan and drive belts with this simple technique. Nothing stand out more on a completed model that a highly detailed engine, and realistic belts will help a lot!

Leather Upholstery for Model Interiors 101


Basic techniques for working with leather, creating simple patterns on leather surface, and using leather to upholster model interiors.

How to Make Window Masks


Many older kits have no convenient window masks for painting window trim. Learn how to make your own with this simple technique.

How to Make Door Handles and Window Cranks


Few simple steps to scratchbuild realistic-looking door handles and window cranks for older cars using simple materials.

How to Make Flocked Floor Mats


Making great looking floor mats has never been easier. Follow simple steps to create neat addition to your next convertible model!

How To Make Realistic Shock Absorbers


This tutorial explains the techniques I use to replace molded-in plastic coil springs with realistic shocks and real metal springs.

An Easy Way To Make Realistic Front Seatbelts


This tutorial is a step - by - step explanation on how to make your own great looking front seatbelts using simple techniques and some aftermarket parts.

How To Build Realistic-Looking Vented Brake Rotors


Step-by-step explanation on how to scratch build realistic looking vented brake rotors using sheet styrene. Make sure you have all the tools required before you start!

How To Enhance Kit Seats


Detailed explanation of methods, techniques and materials  to create seat backs, headrest supports, seatbelts and seatbelt catches. Improve your interiors with this easy to follow guide!

How To Use Foil to Enhance Window Trim


Step-by-step explanation about how to use metal foil to make chrome and aluminum trim around model windows look realistic.

How to Apply, Polish, and Wax Your Paint to Perfection


In this tutorial I will explain all the steps I do to achieve perfectly smooth paintjob on my models. I also explain how to polish and wax the paint for glass-smooth finish.

How To Use Flocking to Simulate Interior Carpeting

Describes technique that I use to simulate carpeting on my models. Tutorial shows what materials and tools are required, and how to lay down a perfect carpet in your next kit. White glue method.

How To Use Washes To Accent Panel Lines


In this tutorial I explain how to use different acrylic washes (highly thinner-diluted paint) to create realistic panel lines.



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